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A great way of allowing our Veterans and families to better interact with each other, is sharing blogs that are written by none other than us; Veterans, spouses, and families.  We are able to share our thoughts and experiences in life, whether it is from something minor to the some of the most intimate emotions when we write.  This page is for the purpose of sharing blogs written by our volunteers, readers, and anyone else that would like to share. In sharing blogs that are written by military and former military, it can teach many people that they are not alone. In this life, we can tend to feel alone with nowhere to go since there aren't many people that face life with PTSD, TBI, and other combat related mental and physical injuries. In the blogs that we are sharing here, you can see that life does go on after combat, even with the hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly battles that we all have to face.

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Written by Cheryl Gansner, who is a social worker for Operation Homefront's Wounded Warrior Wives. Her husband, Bryan, was stop lossed and blown up six weeks before coming home on his second deployment to Iraq. He suffered lower extremity injuries, TBI, and PTSD. Cheryl has been blogging since the day her husband was wounded in 2006.
Written by Sara Shaw who is a full time caregiver for who wounded warrior, who was struck by an IED in 2006.
Written by Uncle Sams Mistress (USM), who is a wife of an Army Reservist that was diagnosed with PTSD with Cognitive, Dissociation and Depressive Disorder; Traumatic Brain Injury; and lower back and bilateral knee injuries.
Written by Erika
Written by Gina, a wife of a wounded warrior.
Written by one of our amazing readers!
Written by Kristle Helmuth, who is married to a soldier that battles with TBI. Read her blog and join in on her families journey with TBI.
Written by a wife of a wounded soldier, who battles PTSD and other physical injuries.
Written by one of our wonderful readers.
Written by a Captain's wife. She is married to a wounded warrior who faces life with PTSD and TBI.
Written by Heather Moates, an Infantry wife. Follow her as she speaks of everyday life from her wounded warrior's PTSD and TBI to raising teenagers.
Written by Brittany
The day-to-day ramblings of a Veteran Army Wife- getting used to the transition out of Active life & trying to find our place (and support) in the Veteran world.
One writer speaks of the invisible wounds from war and more.
Written for parents of wounded warriors.
Written by Karie, a widow of a Marine who was injured while in combat and later passed away.
Written by an amazing Wife of a Wounded Warrior.
Written by Jenny Conlon, one of our FOV volunteers. Join Jenny as she writes about life as a wife to an Iraq vet and the ups and downs of her daily life.
Written by Melissa Johnson. Melissa's blog covers her families story and the ups and downs of life with PTSD and TBI that began in 2005 and continues through today.
Written by Becky Smith, a mother of 5 and full-time veteran spouse/caregiver details this family's journey and struggle with PTSD and TBI.
Written by Krissy Aguilar
I'm an insanely proud wife of a Marine turned Texas National Guardsman. We are constantly negotiating the maze of hoops and roadblocks with the VA, and I hope to get some of my feelings and experiences out.
It is a blog about a day in the life of me.  Sometimes it's a good day.  Those are important.  They DO happen.  Sometimes it's a rough day.  Those are to be expected.  He has a TBI and PTSD.
I am a wife of a soldier who just returned from a long deployment who is undergoing treatment at a medical facility for injuries sustained while in Afghansitan, I am a mother of three children, two beautiful girls and a boy who is just like his dad, I am a blogger (most of the time) and I love photography on the side.. It isnt easy doing all of these things at once but who says life is easy. Its challenging and crazy and at times depressing but in my life has been tremendously rewarding! Its MY life!
 Please return here to discuss all things that relate to personal improvement techniques; for both military and civilian readers. From time to time we'll delve into subjects ranging from strategy, operational art, and tactics to neurotransmitters, Subconscious Restructuring®, PTSD, and brain rehabilitation. On the surface, this may appear to be a little confusing. To that I say, "Hang in's about to get good!"
As a combat veteran, I see the world though a much different lens. All the things that made me who I am up until these past 7yrs now are all an amalgamation of experiences, situations and the way the human mind logically processes the illogical. Hopefully this offers someone a chance to recognize another person seeing things as they do.

Written by Torrey Shannon, the wife and full-time caregiver of SSG John Daniel Shannon, who survived a penetrating gunshot wound to the head in Iraq in 2004. Her husband mainly suffers from the "invisible" wounds of war: TBI and severe PTSD. Torrey and her husband were directly involved in the Pulitzer Prize stories in the Washington Post covering the Walter Reed Scandal in 2007 and remain active in bringing awareness to the public about veteran care issues. Follow her blog to learn more about their journey.
The story of a family starting over with their new way of life dealing with TBI and PTSD in their lives after injuries sustained in combat.
Written by a wife of a OIF war Vet. Her and her Veteran married 14 years ago and have a 12 year old son. Her husband was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after his return from Iraq in 2006. Due to this he was medically retired in 2008. In 2009 he was diagnosed with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) through the VA. To some it may seem crazy, but this is their life.
Written by Sharlene. This blog is designed to offer "Hope and Encouragement for Hurting Families," specifically those dealing with PTSD, alcoholism/addiction, and depression.  It includes information, resources, and inspiration to find healing and hope.
Written by Midnight Blue going by the title, Let Me Have My Tears.
As a sufferer of PTSD and a significant other to a military member (soon to be veteran) that suffers from PTSD and TBI as well, it is a unique perspective into our minds and our daily lives.
Written by Steve Sparks, Title : Families Living with PTSD & Moral Injury
A blog focused on children and families of veterans and 1st Responders. 
Written by Mrs. Jamie Dement  Title: Caring For My Veteran - My Journey to Find Healing Through Writing
Written by Michael Anthony,  Michael Anthony served six years in the army reserves and spent twelve months in Iraq working in a hospital. Since returning home, he spends his time writing, volunteering for veteran charities, and with his family. You can check out his blog for writing on: military/war, PTSD and veteran issues, and everyday writing and poetry. 
Written by Patricia Eden.. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to an outstanding husband who is recovering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As the author of the unique blog written from the supportive partner’s perspective; Patricia hopes to be an inspiration and a beacon of light for others affected by PTSD. She knows first-hand what challenges you might be having and could possibly face throughout your journey with PTSD. Her husband’s symptoms are now in remission and the Edens are enjoying recovery.