Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother of A Vet

Brennan Vines, your are a remarkable woman!  I just read your story in the March 2015 issue of Guideposts.
Our son was deployed multiple times but it was Iraq that affected him.  He is now retired from active duty and Army Reserves but he has PTSD.  This is his story.
He had worked in the family business but PTSD made it difficult for him to handle details.  He managed.  His dad, brother and wife all worked with him never complaining.  Then he was sought out to work for the Veteran's Administration.  He is now working to help other vets get their benefits. This work helps him.  He can smile again!
His wife is a vet, also.  I thank God for her.  I know it is not easy for her to deal with the PTSD of her husband.
I remember the nights during his deployment when I would wake up feeling startled and afraid that something bad was happening to our son.  I thought God was telling me to pray for him and I did.  My prayers were answered and he came home.  Family members, suffer with their vets as you very well know.
Our daughter started a non-profit organization that sews clothing for infants of needy families.  We give some of these "bundles" to military families.   We try to put all red, white and blue items in these "bundles".  Each "bundle" is a diaper bag containing baby supplies and a layette of clothing and blankets along with a thank you for the sacrifices military personnel and families make.  We know the needs are emotional and also may be financial.
May our son's story give hope to other vets.  May you find something to do that will give you peace.  Our son feels better helping others.

With love and prayers,

Mother of a Vet


  1. Locating a reliable and caring ptsd counselor in Culver City has proven far more difficult than I expected.

  2. A heart touching story, this family is doing great job to help other veterans as well as their families.