Friday, December 26, 2014

#DearVA The Rabble Rouser It At It Again.


The rabble rouser is at it again. I have done quite a bit of research today on the things that you gave our Gulf War Veterans, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not ashamed that you tried to protect them, not ashamed that you gave them medications that even the FDA has not approved, but ashamed that after giving them these drugs you let them go with no warning that this could seriously mess them up.

Pyridostigmine Bromide Nerve Gas Antidote,or as my Veteran calls it, "The big horse pill."  Let's start here. This pill was to protect against exposure to nerve gas agents, pretreatment if you will. It has been used since 1955 for patients suffering from myasthenia gravis. Initially it was thought that the use of PB was casually associated with Gulf War Syndrome, but a later review by the Institute of Medicine concluded that the evidence was not strong enough to establish a casual relationship.

Organophosphate Pesticides. Several studies have shown that the pesticides used were not approved for human use by the FDA. Pesticide use is currently one of only two exposures identified to be significantly associated with Gulf War Syndrome. Pesticide use during the war has been associated with neurocognitive deficits and neuroendocrine alterations in clinical studies.

Sarin Nerve Agent. Chemical detection units from Czechoslovakia, France, and Britain confirmed chemical agents. The US has waffled on this fact. When the Iraqi Depot in Khamisiyah was destroyed, over 125,000 US troops and 9,000 UK troops were exposed to nerve gas and mustard gas. A 2008 report says that the "evidence is inconsistent or limited in important ways" if the exposure to low-level nerve agents could contribute to GWS.
Oil Well Fires. "At times, the sky was dark as night." My husband remembers the fires so vividly. The 2008 report States that "evidence is inconsistent or limited in important ways."

Depleted Uranium. Anthrax Vaccines (not FDA approved). Combat Stress.  It all goes the same. "evidence is inconsistent or limited in important ways".

#VA, What does that even mean?

I can tell you what I hear... "Congress didn't care enough about Gulf War Veterans to increase the funding for research, so we honestly don't know why the Gulf War Veterans are getting sick."

So, I have covered what Gulf War Syndrome is. I have covered what the possible causes are. Tomorrow, I am going to cover how the families are suffering.

I don't even have a job for the #NewVA. You should have gotten off your ass back in the 90's to start looking into this. No, you know what #NewVA, stop giving our Veterans medications and Vaccines that are not FDA approved. I hear from my husband all the time, "We are equipment,"  but you know what They are human beings. They don't deserve this. Those 22 a day, their blood is on your hands.

Spouse to a Gulf War Veteran


Dear VA

Get caught up on claims.  Then we can talk. 



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