Thursday, December 11, 2014

#DearVA I Have Recently Been To...

Dear #VA

I have recently been to the Boise VA, while my mom was there, she had a left breast mastectomy, due to breast cancer.  It is a stage 2 aggressive cancer, which was in the milk ducts. All of her Drs and social worker and the cancer care coordinator all have been wonderful. They all have gone above and beyond for my mom.  She is a Vietnam era veteran that has to fight for travel pay, because it is not automatic for her. Her nearest clinic is 60 miles away and the Boise VA is 185-200 miles away. She will have to make that journey to Boise from Challis every 3 weeks for a year while she is doing chemo and h-therapy.  She is on a limited income, she and her husband bring in $1700 a month, but yet that is too much for travel pay. We fought to get her the hardship travel, but she shouldn’t have to fight for it. She has a long road ahead of her, and will need lots of help. Home health care and some mental health to help deal with the fact she has lost part of her. Support for her husband and her family.  When all this is cancer stuff is done she needs a hip replacement.

 That is something the #New VA should look into, our veterans no matter what era should get travel pay no matter what. That could be why some don’t seek treatment, it is too far to travel, and the price of gas is not affordable for long trips.

The daughter of Veteran



I was looking through your website today for information about healthcare for our family, and I realized that any information you provide is so confusing and convoluted that I think you are chasing away Veterans and their families.

I wonder if you plan on chasing people away so that you have fewer to help. The #NewVA needs to make information easier to find. Our Veterans are coming home injured, and you throw forms at them. Enough is enough.


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