Monday, December 8, 2014

#DearVA I Have Had The Pleasure...


I have had the pleasure of speaking with Veterans who have served in the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. I have also spoken with Veterans who have served our country, but not in a theater of war.  Personally, I am the Spouse of a Disabled Army Veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.

I find one common theme when speaking with Veterans: frustration with the #VA system. These men and women put their lives on the line for our country, but when they get out, they are treated like second rate citizens. Many of them end up feeling thrown away.

Things need to change, and with the #NewVA, our Veterans need to be treated with the respect they deserve from the VA system. They shouldn't feel like trash by the very government they fought for.



I am a wife and caregiver of an #OIF/OEF combat veteran.  For that I am so grateful. 
One of the problems we have is that my veteran can not drive safely anymore, he "sees" explosives on the roads in America.   Pot holes cause him to swerve into other lanes of traffic.  He loses his bearing when he is not wholly focused on driving, and returns to his memories from 2 tours of duty.  He has undiagnosed brain damage, due to an oversight in his early records with the VA, and no one will test him again; he can't drive and carry on a conversation, or listen to music and drive safely.  So, I am his driver.  He has lost that freedom; but he lost it so gracefully.  I want to thank you, #VA, for allowing me to be able to be home with him, and help him to appointments, which have nearly always been an hour or more away.
Thank you for the Caregiver Program.  Please, #NewVA, keep this program strong.
One thing that I would like to see added to the Caregiver Program is a Training about Mental Illness Intervention.  #Suicide Prevention  I can not be the only #VeteranWife #VeteranCaregiver to have talked my veteran down from the edge of death.  He had a gun to his head, and I didn't dare leave to get my phone to call the Crisis Line, which is programed in "In case of Emergency" I had never wished more that i had some knowledge in my corner. 
#VA #NewVA

Thank you for your support, without which, we would most definitely be floundering,

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