Saturday, December 20, 2014

#DearVA December 7, 1941...


December 7, 1941. This date marked our entry into World War 2. Our WW2 vets die at a rate of 550 a day according to your records, and they will all be gone by the year 2036.

Our Veterans came home suffering from PTSD, and you lobotomized some of them. This was your treatment.
I spoke at length with a WW2 Veteran. He was at the end of his rope. His wife had passed, the kids were grown, and his health was failing. He couldn't stop remembering the things he saw and did. He came to you, and you pushed pills at him and sent him on his way.

The #NewVA needs to treat the whole Veteran, body and mind. You need to realize that you teach your servicemen and women to stay strong, be quiet, and follow orders. So when that Veteran gathers the courage to say, "I have a problem," listen. Listen, #VA. Don't just shove pills, treat mind and body.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, all of our WW2 Vets.




Hello #VA. I'd like to ask why you are skewing your statistics regarding Vet homelessness for the sake of your numbers? Shouldn't the interests of the heroes who gave so much be more important than whether or not you look good?

You posted this letter on your facebook, but these numbers are based in fallacy.

#NewVA isn't it time to just put an end to the games? Let's lay all the cards on the table, admit that there are problems and find a way to solve them. Hiding things, lying, making stuff up so the administration looks better won't make the lives of these people better.

It's time to step up VA. Let's do this.


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