Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#DearVA Everyday I write you about the Veteran Here...

Dear ‪#‎VA‬,

Every day I write you about the Veteran here but how about today, we talk about other Veterans that are near and dear. My father in law, my special Pop who was there to help raise me throughout the years also there is my Poppy who I love so dear. Those are just 3 and there are so many more.... My father in law, I hope God holds him close, passed away many years ago. He was a strong man from what I have been told, hard working and loving to all that have known. He served in Vietnam , a Veteran just like his son. Where were you for him over 40 years ago ? He is one of the many who were mistreated for years, spit on and thrown out to the curb. He had to find his way in the world with the hardship and struggles Vietnam left with him.
My special Pop, what can I say, another Vietnam Veteran who served but not just in Vietnam but all over the world...there are too many deployments to list , now a days he is falling apart. Agent Orange is sitting in his body, eating him slowly and all I can do is sit here and watch. Often I am afraid to answer the phone, afraid that it will be the one that ends it all.
Not to forget is my dear Poppy.Can you believe he is a WWII Vet ? He is the sweetest man, that you will ever know.He has seen so much in his 80+ years, he can tell you more about life then you can ever imagine. He has been through it all, he has seen wars come and go, has fought for your freedom and still is standing tall. I love to sit and listen to his wisdom, he has taught me more , has shown me the truth. I love you Poppy , you are my bestest! Would you listen to him and learn from him too, he has more knowledge then you will ever know.
Almost 40 years have passed since that war has ended, 40 years with struggles and fights and people left to die. For over 40 years the struggles been true , who says you will change now and not just let it go. Do you see those that live on the streets, hungry and lonely and no one near ? Don't you see that they can't do for themselves ? That no one is near to take a stand, to advocate, to support ? I want to tell you bluntly what you should do but it wouldn't be nice to curse you.
Now you have the chance, CHANGE THINGS AND LISTEN, not just us "young folk" but those who have been there for 40+ years too. As much knowledge we may have, we know they have more and they need as much help as all of us do too. ‪#‎NewVA‬, get your behind in gear and just make the changes and hear our plea. Let us be part because WE KNOW and can assist you and not let 40 years go by again without any changes that are long over due.
Wife of a Veteran, Daughter in Law to a Veteran who she never got to meet, Mom of 3 , One Voice.



Lets talk about fee basis.  In general, the #VA has been great to my husband when it comes to fee basis appointments.  That is, until he saw a sleep specialist at a hospital which often takes fee basis appointments from the VA.  We thought this would go smoothly.  My husband was given one appointment to see the sleep specialist.  It did not go well.  Part of this reason is that they did not have all the information they needed from the VA to properly diagnose or help my husband.  His sleep issues are still mostly speculation (with heavy evidence and a lot of research mind you) on our part.  The big issue was that the place we went, who had often worked with veterans via fee basis, had NO idea how to request more appointments from the VA.  My husband saw the specialist in February of 2014 and STILL has not gone to see someone because they didn’t know what they were doing.  My advice is to ensure that those doctors who receive fee basis appointments be properly trained in how to request more appointments from the VA.  Now, we are starting all over (which is not the first time, but that’s another issue).

I hope the #NewVA will address this issue and ensure that doctors who accept fee basis appointments fully understand every aspect of what they are required to do, whether that be asking for more appointments or billing (we’ve had issues there as well).



Many resources out there for individuals with PTSD are limited to those who served after 9-11.
While I fully understand the difficulties those returning now face and the difficulties of those that have served in the recent past or are currently serving, are those who served before somehow less deserving of the same resources for the same injuries? PTSD doesn't discriminate. TBI doesn't become MORE severe based on the year it was incurred. 

This seems confusing an...d discriminatory to those who served in any other conflict. 

Why should a Vietnam era vet not also be able to apply for some of the programs out there? Or someone who served in Korea, Panama, Kosovo, Desert Storm or any other time?
I hope that part of the ‪#‎NewVA‬ will look at making resources available to all Veterans. I encourage all of you to let your representatives know if you'd like to see that happen as well.


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