Friday, May 2, 2014

My Life

So a lot has happened since my first blog post last April. Last June we had to make an emergency flight to Arizona, because his mom was dying. It is tough to get a disabled veteran from point a to point b in a busy airport. Thanks to the helpful people at the TSA, this went pretty smoothly they had a wheel chair waiting for us at every point. The biggest stressor was when an Arab disabled passenger was boarded before we 
were, and then we were only a few rows from us. I kept him distracted, so the flight wasn’t too bad. We got to Arizona late Monday night and was able to see his mom, she held on till Thursday night. We stayed with her the whole time, which was the hard part being there when she passed. But we got through it; he was in charge of her last wishes. It has been almost a year and we both still want to pick up the phone and call 
her when something is going on. 

We made it through the rest of the summer uneventful. In September, his dad came to live with us. That has been a big adjust to having another person in the house, but it has been going well. His dad has been a big help to us. The holidays were hard it was the first time we were not with the kids and grandkids and we were all missing mom. 

In January, we bought a house, and moved in February; it was still snowing and we had a foot and a half of snow. So that became I challenge, and it was hard for him to do any of the heavy lifting. So me and my step son did all the loading and unloading. It took a while but we got it done. The house needed a few more repairs than we initially thought, but that has become a work in progress. 

We finally got is claim processed through the VA for his PTSD. He had me go in with him at his C&P exam, and some the things I learned about his time in Iraq was heart breaking to hear everything that he had seen and done. But it gave a better understanding to what he was going through. 

Through all of this his PTSD has been up and down. And all his pain has been up and down, more up than down. We have been working on meds changes that seem to helping a bit. But then again that is a process in fighting with the Drs to get them to see what I see every day.

Submitted By: Tammy S.