Thursday, January 16, 2014


When I was young my parents were both alcoholics and heavy smokers.  I started smoking at 11 and drinking at around 13.  My folks had a pony keg master.  A home tap for draft beer in the house My sister and I could sneak beer anytime we wanted.  When I went in the Marines everyone smoked and drank.  I fit right in.

I'm what is known in the mental health field as a dry drunk.  I can go for days without drinking.  When I was still drinking I would work all day sober and as soon as someone broke out a six pack I was off and running.  I could never stop at one or two.  I drank until I was broke or passed out.  After Nam I drank to forget bit I started having hallucinations.  Went off one afternoon after a all day Saturday drinking binge and talking with a friend about Nam I suddenly got up, went in the house, got my gun and diapered into the hills for a day and a night.  I reappeared all scratched up from Chaparral bushes.  I was hiding from the Gooks! ( Vietnamese enemy soldiers).  Sue told me to get help or get out! 

I went to the VA center in the San Fernando Valley and was put in a group.  One Vet got in an argument with another and a fight broke out.  When the smoke cleared one guy was dead.  I never went back.

A year later I came home from work one night after an after work drunk collapsed on the sofa and woke up covered in my own vomit.  I cleaned myself up and went to drive to work and the left front wheel, tire and McPherson strut assembly was gone! along with the fender.  I never found out what happened or how I got home on 3 wheels.

That began my awakening to the fact I had a drinking problem. 
Next I found out that my 11 year old daughter had been given pot by the baby sitter and then bribed not to tell about she and her boyfriend fooling around instead of watching my kids.  My daughter began to sneak around smoking pot until she was almost killed in a dirt-bike accident.  When they got her to the hospital they found pot on her and she was still high. 
I was so ashamed of myself for my behavior and how it was tearing the family I loved apart that I fell to the ground and began to call out for God to kill me and save my family from my sins. 

Guess what? He did both!
I died to myself that night and was delivered by Gods amazing grace from alcohol and drugs.  I turned to God and he has saved my family and created a new creature in me.  Now 35 years later I have not had any alcohol or mind altering drugs of any kind. 
I don't know if you need a new start or not but I did and I know my God is waiting for you to reach out to him.
If you simply call Jesus name and ask him to forgive you and give you a new start you can be come far better than you ever imagined.  It is NOT EASY but with Gods help you can do all things.
I hope your new year begins with the promise of new life. 45 years of marriage to the Angel God sent to introduce me to him.
Gods health to you and yours.

Submitted By: Doug Kirk

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