Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching, I know it sends alot of people into a panic- "How am I ever going to afford to buy for all the people on my list?" I can relate to this panic, which is why I went on a mission to create a list of nice Christmas gifts that are DIY (Do It Yourself.) In my honest opinion, no store bought gift could ever compare to a homemade gift that someone put their time and love into. Christmas doesn't need to break the bank and better yet, almost all of the supplies can be found at your nearest Dollar Store! *Keep calm and craft on!*

How about this for a festive gift? This is a $1.50 lantern that can be found at Lowe's. Just toss in some inexpensive Christmas bulbs and tie a decoration of your choosing to the handle using ribbon!

Aren't these adorable?! Dip Mix Ornaments. Buy cheap clear Christmas bulbs and fill with either premade dip mixes, or use one of the recipes from the site!

Got a baker in the family? How about making a cake stand using dollar store glasses and plates. Probably would need Gorilla Glue to keep it together.

Frame filled with jingle bells, scrapbook paper as background, and sticker letters!

Got a collection of empty wine bottles? Recycle them and make these cute Santa Clause wine bottle decorations. Just paint and rhinestones!

Know someone who loves wine? How about bedazzled wine glasses?!

There's nothing like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Could do all kinds of variations and give with a dollar store coffee mug.

Know a candle lover? Get a vanilla candle and hot glue peppermint candies all around it. Will smell like peppermint and vanilla as it burns!

If you can paint, how about these American Flag mason jars? Would make great vases!

Get a dollar store frame, some stickers, and the possibilites are endless!

Fabric bleach art. Could do tea towels, shirts, anything really!

Glitter mason jars. Add tea lights, and voila! Pretty candle holder.

Jewelry lover on your list? How about these earrings made of buttons? Can make some seriously unique earrings no one else will have!

Got a food nut or someone who loves to cook on your list? Make this awesome kitchen decor using dollar store frames and silverware.

Dollar store or thrift store vases get a makeover by painting them on the inside!

Bow tie paper clip book marks. Perfect for the reader on your list!

Submitted By: Chelsea

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