Sunday, December 8, 2013

David’s House from My Eyes

For Joe and I, Davids House was a concept without a name.

It was a concept that began as a vacation area in the mountains of Virginia specifically for Veterans, because honestly who is going to understand a Veteran better than another Veteran. Joe was still deployed while these ideas were surfacing. I would get emails from 8,000 miles away asking me to check on how to do this or that. So being the research nerd that I am by the time that Joe returned from deployment I had a binder full of information for him to review.

By the time he returned and settled into life at home (as best he could) the property had sold.

A new search began for a better piece of property. Found one that was about 700 +/- acres in the mountains of Washington State. This had been an old Dude Ranch decades ago. With a change in property came a slight change in focus.

The new focus was about Veterans and families struggling with homelessness. The statistics blew me away  these homeless Veterans with their families were not Vietnam Era like everyone believes, these were current war Veterans with young families. They cant make ends meet, let alone keep a roof over their heads.

The one thing Joe and I discovered in our journey is that we cannot do this alone. We were only 2 people in a very large playing arena and while others loved our idea, getting support for such a project as 2 unknown people was next to impossible.

It was a chance conversation with Brannan Vines about “Davids House” being a place for Veterans to feel at home. I then knew I was with the right group of people. I told her that we had a similar vision. I shared my research and power points with her.

I cannot begin to describe how it feels to know that someone else has a similar vision to help Veterans for the long term goals in life.

Little did I know Brannan had already talked with 2 other couples with a similar vision?

Similar visions with like-minded people, only God could bring those people together, created The Davids House Project.

Davids House is designed to create hope for Veterans & their Families to create sustainable living once they leave Davids House.

For more information on this project, ways you can help, or to donate, please visit or email

Thank you

Pam Busenius

Davids House Project Manager

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