Sunday, October 27, 2013

Valuable Lessons Learned

As I sit here I just finished watching CNN with the deal being struck on the both the Debt Ceiling and the Government Shutdown and thinking there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the stress of the last 16 days.

Lesson #1 – Be Cautious

        Be cautious when sharing information, there are so many politically biased news sources out on the internet it is hard to discern if the sources are creditable.

        Be cautious when depending on specific things, especially when it comes from the government.

       Be cautious when spending, try to build a little reserve fund since we never know when all you know what will break loose.

Lesson #2 – Shop Smart

It never hurts to have too much in the pantry, noodles, vegetables, tuna, canned and boxed goods. They will last longer than fresh ingredients.

It never hurts to buy a bit extra of ground beef, chicken, or turkey. These can help stretch a tight budget.

Think twice before making a purchase on a credit card. Do you really need it or is it a WANT.

Lesson #3 – Don’t Panic

Never panic over something you have no control over, waste of energy.

Be proactive and think ahead.

Lesson #4 – Talk to Others in the Same Situation

When working together we can accomplish more than by trying to do it all ourselves.

Ask you friends how they would prepare. Share tips, tricks, and cheap meal ideas.

With all of that being said I now get to figure out how much ground beef my family is willing to eat before they go on a hunger strike.

Submitted By Pam B.

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