Friday, June 28, 2013

Smartphones 2.1

I am not a fan of new technology.  Yes, it's shiny and pretty, but it wrecks havoc in our home.  Every time an electronic device must be replaced, I cringe.  I am not "tech savvy" myself, but trying to be "not tech savvy" and then help navigate 2 people with TBI through how to use the new device is going to lead to problems.

Sure enough, a few days ago my husband's smartphone broke.  First, smartphones are not nearly as smart as they would like to think they are.  They are confusing to use and have a definite learning curve with every individual model released. 

Up until now he was required to have a Blackberry for work which meant me trying to figure out how to make the Blackberry happy and inevitably pulling my hair out because I've never owned/used one in my entire life.  We called the phone company and talked about options.  Then we called his employer and asked what operating systems were necessary for us to be able to put his work software on the phone.  Back to the phone company, other options.  Back to the employer.  Back to the phone company.

I was about to replace my phone as well so we decided it would be a good idea to get us both the same phone for rather obvious reasons: if I have the same one, I can help him much easier.  Blackberries aren't really meant for people who have crazy outdoor rugged lifestyles and jobs.  The new phone we've selected has a much better shot at surviving for the 2 years we need it to live. 

While researching the new phone as much as possible, I discovered a new feature on our wireless company's website.  After doing some further research, I've found most wireless carriers now have this feature as well.  There is a place you can click that says "How To Use This Device" (link provided for our specific new phone) and I click on it expecting babble and difficult to follow and find directions with no real answers.

What a treasure trove!!!  I can go to one of the 21 options and hover my mouse and up pops a little menu.  When I click on that menu it takes me through step by step instructions showing me where the actual button is on the phone highlighting it in the picture.  Everything is there from how to turn on the phone to how to use the nifty built in feature that allows you to use the phone with your gloves on (critical in Montana winters!). 

I happily browsed through the options and am confident that any time he gets lost, I can walk him through it and/or send him to the link.  SO much easier!  SO much simpler!!!

So, the next time you have to go through that dreaded phone upgrade, check it out and see if it's available for the phone you are selecting.  This first 1-2 weeks of figuring it out is going to be easier than ever for this girl who STILL can't get Facebook to work on her old phone after 2 years of trying. ;)

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