Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meeting Partway

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Many people are enjoying a three-day weekend, planning family get-togethers and a backyard BBQ.  Memorial Day is so much more, though.  It's recognition for those who fought and died for our country.  I know what it's like to fear for my son's safety while he was deployed.  I am thankful that Memorial Day isn't about him as he made it home safely even as he deals with a TBI and PTSD. 

No, Memorial Day is in memory of those who never came home and the reality is their families and comrades never forget that.  The following poem is emotional.  I wrote it one day after hearing of a soldier who had died and finding out his wife was expecting their first child. 

Meeting Partway

I'm sorry, Son, it isn't fair to meet you in this way;

I hope you know I love you and we'll meet again someday.

I thought about you often as I fought on the streets of war;

I wondered if we'd ever meet, if I would see you born.

Please take care of your mother for in the days ahead;

She'll need you more than ever so be there in my stead.

You won't understand her tears for many years to come.

Just know I love you and I'm proud that you're my son.

Try to understand when Grandma holds you extra close;

And tell Grandpa I was proud of him the most.

Go now to the future and from above I'll stand my guard;

Tell mama that I love her and I'm sorry that it's hard.


Daddy, I will miss you and I hate to see you go;

I'm already missing the good times we'll never know.

I know we haven't had a chance to be father and son.

But Daddy I'm so proud of you and when this life is done.

We'll sit and talk together and look on the films of life;

Taking long walks; having long talks, having the gift of time.

I promise to do my best to comfort Mommy's pain;

I'll have your hair and your eyes and your dimpled chin.

I'll give Grandma an extra hug and remind her of a smaller you;

And when I'm a little bigger Grandpa will take me fishing, too.

I'm going to miss you, Daddy, but I promise to be strong;

I'll take care of Mama, Grandma and Grandpa.

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