Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prayer for Caregivers

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that your will be done in the lives of those affected by PTSD and/or TBI. I pray that you will provide all that is needed in those lives when it is needed and not a single moment before. I specifically pray for the wives that are caregivers to the ones they dearly love. I thank you for giving them the heart to love their husbands despite the challenges that they face everyday. I pray that you will protect their hearts from fear and temptation. Be with these beautiful women and show them the true meaning of being a helper to their husbands, show them ways they can lift up and encourage their husbands, give them strength for each day, even every moment. I ask that you guard these marriages from the snare of the evil one. I ask that you give them rest beyond measure when they lie down to sleep. Give them wisdom and grace to know how to handle each situation as it may arise. Show them love and help them to know that it is not their fault when things get out of control. Give these wives wisdom on when and where to get help. Bring into their lives people that will be a support to them and cast out the spirits of doubt and negativity. I pray for the protection of the children in these families. I pray for the health care professionals that work with these families, that they may be wise and compassionate, slow to judge and filled with understanding. I pray for the soldiers coming home with PTSD/TBI that you will show yourself to them. I pray that people in their lives will come along and show that you have not forsaken them for the things they have been commanded to do. Show them that no sin is too big to be forgiven. Protect their minds from the evil one who uses all of this to attack them and their marriages. I pray for the parents and siblings of these soldiers that take care of them, give them what they need each and everyday to help the ones they love. I pray that they will be understanding and allow some grace. Lord, thank you for being a support and a stronghold. I know that without you I would not be able to do what I do. Thank you for Your grace and mercy. I ask that you give all caregivers patience to face the challenges of PTSD/TBI and strength to fight the battle.

In Your Holy Name. Amen.

Submitted By: S. Allyson Bowers

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