Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love Letter Campaign Submission

To my sweetest husband,

You are off snoring and I'm plotting the course of our day while the children sleep.  You and I have a steadfast and true love that I know is unbreakable. 

But I hate when it bends.

I hate when we find ourselves, plagued by either baggage from your war, or my sexual assault.  These demons circle like vultures....swooping at the first sign of weakness.

We are vulnerable. 

Our life is often hanging in the balance.  Threatened by overwhelming stress, selfish indiscretions, and fire from those around us.

We are ALWAYS vulnerable.  Especially families like ours.  Does that make me worry? Sometimes.  Does that make me want to push you away?  No.

Whatever happens in the world around us, whatever is inflicted upon us, I will always love you. 

You have been a perfect example of stregnth.  YOU ask for  help, YOU keep yourself accountable, YOU continue to forgive me, YOU continue to be sensitive to my needs. I will always be wishing you to forgive yourself, to be sensitive to YOUR needs.....

I see you struggle, and I see you try to pretend like everything is fine.  I see you break, from trying to be so strong for so long.

I am your soft landing James, but I promise I will always be your number one a@@ kicker.

We will always learn to bend and twist and shape to what is happening, but we will never break.  I adore you, I am incredibly proud of you, and I am always in your corner.


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