Monday, January 28, 2013

5 Things I Learned on Hiatus - aka Why Going a Bit Crazy is Good For You

So, as many of you know (and some may have just noticed), I've been on a bit of a hiatus... finding my feet and my spirit again... doing lots of praying, letting myself "be", and honestly being a bit crazy (in the "hiding from the world, oh crap can't really deal with this" way... not in the good "let's get crazy and have some fun" kind of way)

Here are some things I've learned while on hiatus -

#1 - When life gangs up on you all at once, you discover quickly people (often not who you would expect, and at other times exactly who you would expect) that are going to just keep at you until you find your feet.  Sometimes, kindly and gently, sometimes in a "kick your six" kind of way - but nevertheless, you quickly KNOW who is not going to run.

#2 - You also, sadly, find people who are at a place in their own life that you're brokenness isn't something they can handle.  You'll be grateful for the first set, and hopefully be able to love, forgive, and recognize the struggles of this set.  Maybe next time around, they'll be different, or maybe next time around you'll be part of their #1 group.  Whichever way it works out, compassion always wins.

#3 - The place you're supposed to be in life (and the work you're supposed to be doing) will ALWAYS call you back to it.  You can't escape it, run from it, or hide.  We're each built for a purpose.  It's easier just to nod your head in agreement, dust yourself off, and get back on the path again.

#4 - I'm at a point in my life (and even a year or two ago, this wouldn't have been the case), where I'm perfectly okay saying, "Hey, I'm going down here... give me a bit, I'll figure it out, but right now I suck".  There's a freedom in that - and a peace in that.  AND, it allows people to step up (see #1) and hold you up while you find your feet.  I don't see any shame in that... matter of fact, I find the other way quite foolish.

#5 - I'm not quite ready to kick "grass", but I'm getting there.  AND, I'm okay with that.  I'm okay with baby steps.  I'm okay with still being a bit off.  I'm okay.  Why?  Because life may knock me around a bit, but God never, ever fails to teach me something along the way.  And, those lessons are powerful.  I just have to choose to listen. 


Brannan Vines
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