Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Love Letter Campaign ~ Dear Jon....I always swore I'd never write you a Dear Jon letter

Dear Jon,

The day I met you, it was totally by mistake. If I had not been so darn curious about where you went to basic training, we would not have the family we have today. I guess sometimes life throws you in the lap of the person you are meant to be with, even if you never expect it.

You were such a wonderful man, a hero in my eyes, to me and my daughter. You loved us so much and cared about us like we were family almost from day one. I knew we were meant to be a family when my then-3-1/2 yr old daughter accidentally kicked you in your crotch, but that same night you still told me that you really liked me and her and you wanted to continue seeing us.

We have had so many wonderful memories made in our lives, but unfortunately, the trauma of PTSD has encouraged painful memories too. No matter what we've been through, I continue to stand by my man. It's been hard. I've doubted myself many times. I've wanted to walk away and divorce you. You already know this because I've voiced it many times. Something keeps me here though. Maybe it's the fact that we have such a beautiful family. Maybe it's the fact that we've been through so much. Maybe it's the fact that I've invested so much love and heartache into this marriage and our relationship. Or maybe...just maybe...yes, most is because I love the man you are! Like Kelly Clarkson says in her song, "Dark Side," 'everyone has a dark side.' Well, I'm here to tell you, Jon, I love you even with your dark side. I know that dark side will always be there. It may creep its ugly head when we least expect it, but deep down inside, you are and always will be the man I fell in love with 6 years ago. That part of you will never change, no matter how much PTSD has changed you. No matter how long it takes to lift you out of the shell that PTSD has placed around you, our children and I will always be here for you.

I promised to love you through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer...and I don't break promises! My love for you has already been tested to the max, yet, it still remains in my heart...and only for you.

I am here, Jon, and I always will be. Just don't ever give up the fight...don't let PTSD win! You fought your way through Iraq and now you are beginning your fight through Afghanistan...if you can beat those battles, then PTSD has no chance of winning!
You have 2 amazing and beautiful children and a wife who has always been by your really ARE the luckiest man in the world! And we are the luckiest family in the have you...our HERO! We love you!

Submitted By: Jami VB, wife to a wonderful Veteran battling a nasty illness

This blog post is part of The Love Letter Campaign... a project started by to encourage those who love a hero to write a letter sharing their story (where they started, what they've faced together, and why their love endures). It's not just for spouses, but also for parents, siblings, caregivers, and friends. It's about telling the "rest" of our stories... stories that continue despite PTSD, TBI, and the challenges of life after combat. To share your love letter or find out more about the campaign, visit

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