Thursday, September 20, 2012

Invisible Tears

The pain in his eyes cannot easily be told,
The soldier inside, he’s outta control.
What cause his panic and fear,
Is that the unexpected is always near.

He can’t shake the feeling of total despair,
Because when he closes his eyes the blood remains there.
Why can’t we take a minute to look deep inside?
And see this soldier is the reason we are still alive.

The war is done; send the home they say,
But are we ready to be there or just go our own way.
His wounds may not be seen but if we look really deep,
The pain he bears would make us weep.
The agony endured in the sands of hell,
He keeps locked inside…he may never tell.

It’s up to us to hold them very close,
But we won’t be able to silence the screams and echoes.
Whether he sleeps in your bed or simply a passer-by,
We can attempt to understand but we would be wasting our time.

As civilians we can never comprehend,
The hell they endured to protect and defend.
Shake his hand, say Thank you,
He did it for me, you, the red, the white and the blue.

Each day that passes our fragile soldiers by,
He may wonder why he is the one still alive.
Just continue to live everyday life,
While our soldiers will struggle with their extreme sacrifice.

Imagine every day you wake and your all alone,
Eight thousand miles away from comfort and home.
Every single minute was a fight for his life,
Who knows the last time he talked to the wife.
The kids may not know the daddy that returns home,
He will be surrounded by love yet feel all alone.
We have no clue how he fought to stay alive,
Or what it really took to survive.
We have no clue what was done by those brave hands,
He will do his best to bury all those memories in the sand.

Those memories will continue to haunt him day and night,
Its for the US of A he fought the good fight.
Ignorance is no longer an excuse to be blind,
Some wounds you can look but will not find.
Continue to fly the American flag in the sky,
While I, his wife, wipe the invisible tears my soldier cries.
 Written By: Megan McLemore

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