Friday, September 14, 2012

From a Child's Perspective: My Favorite Hobby

My Favorite Hobby Is Playing Video Games ...
My favorite hobby is playing video games, because it makes me comfortable when I need time to think, or need to calm down.
When I play video games I can beat the game if I wanted to in a day, but the only time I beat a game in one day is when I have the time, or when I am not on the road to Alexandria, LA or somewhere important. 
I play video games so that way I can block out or try to block out what is 
going on, because my family is a military family. My mom takes care of my dad, but I try to bond with my dad, but it just doesn't work. He yells at me when I know he doesn't mean to, because he isn't the same as he use to be, all that because of the war. So I am sad that I don't have the kind of dad that does stuff with you. I play on my laptop, PS3, Wii, Ps2, or just watch television on my computer or iPod, sometimes even my T.V. 
More reasons I play video games is so I spend time with my friends or other family members who live far away.
Sometimes when I play video games, it is so I can take out my anger on the people on the game. The reasons is because people make me sad and mad. I really like that sometimes. Certain games can teach you things that you didn't know and not like any math games or anything. I mean like the game Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that you need math to build houses, make your tools, make what ever you want, or even just mine in a cave or a crevice.

I like that a lot of times, when I need help or something on a game my friends can help me when I need it. It is fun to hang out with your friends, playing games and skyping with them at the same time. I know it can sometimes lag your PC, but I have a good one for now. I can run up to 10 windows and lag only just a tiny bit. I have a Windows 7 64-bit Toshiba with a 4.00GB of Ram. So I can play a lot of games if I would like to. I don't play video games everyday. I only do sometimes. This was my essay.

This is my hobby, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for reading.
Submitted By: a 12yr, Southwest LA

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