Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Momism: The Screams

The following is a poem I wrote.  Writing helped me get through my son's deployment and it helps me get through our days of TBIs and PTSD.  If you understand this poem, you are not alone.  If you don't, consider yourself lucky.  I remember those days, before his deployment, before his bravery took away so much.  Still, I'm proud of him and I know I am blessed every day to be his mom. 
The screams ripped through the early morn;
She rushed to check on her firstborn;
Sweat poured from his brow as he awoke;
Another night's peace, dreams of Iraq had broke.
Only this time he wasn't in Baghdad;
But safe at home in his own bed;
Looking around for his sister and brother;
Trying to save them and his mother.
For to him they were all in a war;
Realities merged he could have sworn;
Does he choose the Tigris River to his right?
Will they make it through another night?
He tries not to sleep till his body gives out;
Living's too hard and he starts to doubt;
He's scared to sleep for when he does;
He sees the war for what it was.
The eyes that used to smile so bright;
Now hold secrets in the night.
The scars on his body cannot compare;
To the ones in his mind that are buried there.
They fight daily for his peace of mind;
The government left his cares behind;
She doesn't take no from them anymore;
She's ready for battle when she walks in the door.
She'll never forget the screams that she heard;
Or the look in his eyes as he said those words:
"I couldn't save them!" she heard him cry;
Now she lives his memories in her own mind.
Now he's getting help one day at a time;
Slowly regaining his faith and his mind;
She owes so much to the Father above;
Who brought him home to a mother.s love.

If you are going through the pain and anxiety of living with a veteran who suffers from PTSD or a brain injury, you are not alone.  Contact us here at Family of a Vet.  We understand. 

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    Such a beautiful writing
    I would like to talk about a friend of mine that has ptsd, I am still getting to know him, but we are bonding, and I wish I could be informed about this so I can be a support for him.
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