Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Veterans Wife

Being a Veteran’s wife isn’t an easy life.
 Being told I don’t understand just because I wasn’t in that far away land.
Living with scars that others don’t see, Being the strong person others think I should be.
My Veteran has returned, in broken body only; Having seen too many things that no one person should see.
He feels alone and scared, hopeless and rejected; Thinking he is the only one that has been affected.
Most of the time when he’s “lost in space”; He cannot see the love or care on my face.
When I am angry and sad, and feeling so bitter; I know for my Veteran and family, I cannot be a quitter.
I feel rejected and scared, and mostly alone, Especially when my Veteran and I are sitting at home.
I have God as my rock and love as my guide, But my soldier has been taken. And for that, I have cried.
So many tears have fallen, so many restless nights; Thinking of the endless battle my Veteran will fight.
With nowhere to go, but into my arms; I have to keep my Veteran safe from harm.
If you know a Veteran that still has a wife, know that she is there to be his for life. To protect him and love him, to live in his Hell, For she tries and she tries, but can never tell
Of the torture and trauma her Veteran lives, And every day, EVERY DAY, she tries to forgive
The fact that her husband will never be
As the man she once knew, the one she’ll never again see.
I scream and I yell and I am so lost inside, But there Is nothing I can do. There is no room for pride, For I know a part of my Veteran has died.
I curse and I rage, I resent, yet I forgive
Because through my heart and my love, I know my Veteran will live.

By Erin Boburchock

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