Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love Letter Campaign: Love Without End

To my husband,

I had to laugh when I titled my letter, Love Without End.  Nearly 9 years ago when I had those words inscribed inside your wedding band, you (lovingly) laughed at me, "mocking" the words with a deeper, broadcaster-like voice - "Love Without End". At the time, we had no idea all the bumps we would face in the upcoming years. Knowing what we know now, those words hold no joking matter; I do simply love you without end. 

We both feel the strain and struggle PTSD has left on our marriage and the home we have built.  Our marriage may not be ideal, compared to the "you and I" we once knew - but PTSD is not ideal.  Through everything, I know you struggle each and everyday to identify who you are now.  Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we never take the time to slow down and really tell the ones we love just how much they STILL mean.  I stil yearn to hear your voice and feel your touch; your "deep in the belly" laughter still brings a smile to my face; undying love grows each day as I see you and I in our children. 

We both are aware of the difficulties we are facing right now, handling the uncertainty with hugs and tears.  Whichever path life leads us down, I promise you my "Love without End"

With all my heart...
Still In Love With My Marine

This blog post is part of The Love Letter Campaign... a project started by FamilyOfaVet.com to encourage those who love a hero to write a letter sharing their story (where they started, what they've faced together, and why their love endures). It's not just for spouses, but also for parents, siblings, caregivers, and friends. It's about telling the "rest" of our stories... stories that continue despite PTSD, TBI, and the challenges of life after combat. To share your love letter or find out more about the campaign, visit http://www.familyofavet.com/love_letters.html.


  1. These letters should be complied in an ebook and then sold on amazon. Proceeds could benefit Families of Vets. I, for one, would love to see this complied as a book. These love letters show that love conquers all. They are a testimony that marriages and love can survive in "today's world".

  2. Great minds think alike :) That's exactly the idea we've been pondering... they're just to amazing not to share A LOT :)

    Glad you're enjoying them, too!!!


    Brannan Vines
    Proud wife of an OIF Veteran
    Founder of FamilyOfaVet.com - an organization dedicated to helping heroes and their loved ones survive and thrive after combat with real world info about PTSD, TBI, and more!