Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We got the Shot! We did it!!!! PTSD INJECTION.....

My dear husband just had it done today!  A stellate Ganglion block for ptsd.  There was another combat vet there too to get one!  He didn't have his wife with, and I was more worried about him than my own husband.  I kept trying to peek on him, to make sure he was okay.  Both of these men did wonderfully!  Very brave, and very much deserving of a break from the shit that PTSD causes.  

My husbands eye is red and droopy, but that is to be expected, and that will go away soon.  I keep asking him, did it work?  SHould I scare you?  (cause believe, by now, I know all the right things to say and do to make him flip out)....  But he is still gun-shy so to speak.  He smiles and says, I think it might have :)

I think it might have is just fine for me.

He said on the ride back to the hotel, should we go to Medival TImes?  That resturant!  I did a double take?  No are you crazy?


I don't know if we will catch a movie or go to a loud a resturant, but he is WANTING to try to go out.

Holy Crap.

I said, do you want others to try this?

He said yes.

Chicago Fox News was there and they asked us some questions, it went very well.  James was even talking about things that normally would freak him out...  Go us!  I'm very proud of James.  I'm very proud of the other vet too, I won't say his name...but you know I already called his wife :)

Dr. Lipov was kind and funny and patient.  Everything went off without a hitch.  This couldn't have gone better.

And to think, how worried was I?  I am tired of the constant worry.  I think its time for me to let go a little bit.

Thats all for now folks, thanks for following, I'll post an update later tonight, and likely when we get home, or to the airport.

Seeing how James reacts at the Chicago O'Hare Airport will be the true test.


  1. Please let us know how well it works. How often do you have to go in for them? Hope these work! P&PT
    Sgt S Jacob & Mrs T Jacob

  2. How does my husband get one? Is this a trial? Does VA or Medicare/Tricare cover this??? He has said he will try it and he has refused to try *anything* for 8 years!

    1. Barbara, I signed up for your blog, thank your husband for his service. Where do you live? PM me at kateri@familyofavet.com or winwinkateri@gmail.com

      Your husband may get this shot, contact Dr. Lipov's clinic staff. He is at Chicago Medical INnovations in Hoffman Estates IL. There is a study going on, and if you are in the area, you may qualify. I'lll post again today....keep reading, keep fighting, and keep in touch

  3. Praying that it did work and that James does well! This would be exceptionally wonderful if it does work for all our vets with PTSD!!!