Monday, January 30, 2012 Brings Hundreds of Veterans Support and Gift Cards with a Rewards-based Transition Program

After our first month, we’ve already had hundreds of US Military Veterans and their supporters come to, where Veterans are standing by for instant message chats in our online programs and are sharing knowledge in our question and answer community, ready for anyone else who’s ready for the opportunity to sign-up, learn and earn.

At the core, as many of you know, we create a customized, easy to access online program that helps Veterans experiencing the usual difficulties of reintegrating or transitioning after the military, to better overcome challenges we all face with jobs, in our relationships, and daily life in general.  For others, we’re that and so much more.  Week to week, we have members completing different levels of our program, aiming to get higher point scores, for which they can redeem for gift cards at retailers like Best Buy, Starbucks, Target and Macy’s.  Other members share what they’ve learned from years of military experience or navigating the difficult Veterans’ benefits space, and they ask questions they need help with waiting for you to log in and share what you know to help them.

Feedback on the program has ranged from members telling us, “I wish I had found [Vets Prevail] sooner” to “I can’t believe more people don’t know about this yet”.  Even though there have been a lot of positive experiences so far, like military training taught us, we can always improve ourselves.  We’ve applied that spirit to Vets Prevail and look for any Veterans who want to support their brothers and sisters in arms by testing out the program, and giving feedback.  This testing and feedback is so important to us, we’re giving out gift cards just for those who can help us improve it.

Other Veterans, often ask us how they can help and to that we say, sign up, give the program a shot.  You may learn something valuable while you’re on our site to help out a buddy, or maybe even help yourself.  The truth is, we need to get the word out to as many Veterans as possible and are currently setting up programs where if you finish the first Interactive lesson yourself and feel like it's a service that you would be happy to spread the word about, then you’re paid cash for each person you refer to the program that also does the first Interactive Lesson.

Anyone interested in this opportunity to help Veterans or beta-test Vets Prevail and provide feedback, can contact us at  Anyone else who wants to help Vets Prevail can do so by spreading the word about via social networks and sharing a word or two about the positive impact that’s being made.  If you’re not joining today, and want to stay informed, you and friends who also support Veteran causes should definitely follow us on Facebook.

We want to send a big thanks to the hundreds of Veterans who are already Vets Prevail members and are currently participating in our rewards programs, asking important questions about Veteran topics, or sharing knowledge and answers to aid Veterans in need of support.   We appreciate your service and look forward to seeing you all in the Vets Prevail program.

The Vets Prevail Team

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