Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The PTSD Injection, SGB, Stellate Ganglion Block Holds promising results


This is my opinion of MY life, of my husband, of OUR experience.  If you chose to have the shot for PTSD as well, you may not have the same results as us, and Family of a Vet, INC, myself, my husband, my employers, Dr. Lipov, or Chicago Medical Innovations cannot be held responsible for results that differ from ours.


It worked. 

I am seeing my husband tonight.  The one who always gives me the window seat.  The one who opens every single door and says yes ma'am in that sweet lover way.  The kind of behavior I have ever only seen by Veterans, and more specifically, combat Vets.  I *love* that.

The first thing I noticed in the ride back to the hotel was that my husband did not one single time engaged in nervous antsy behavior.  When my husband starts keying up he gives off subtle physical cues that I have been accurately trained in.  In the past 6 years with my husband, I have become the professional mitigator.  I know whats going to happen LONG before he actually amps up.  The look in his eye.  The hand rolling.  The posturing. 

NONE of this happened tonight.  Not on the ride home.  Not at  that hotel.  Not at the supper.  I was well aware that the shot was working.  You know how?  Because *I* was at ease.  He was calm, ergo, I was calm.

So I took a stab.

Straight for  the heart. 

You know in PTSD world, we fight hard, we fight fast, and we fight dirty.  Well,  I am no exception.  I have lived with my husband for 6 years.  I'm a skilled killer, too. 

I said two words to him that I KNOW would send him off the charts.  I won't say this here because I don't want to trigger anyone else....mostly because I can't be there to help you calm down....

But I said it.  At the steak house on Algonquin road.  He, with his mouthful of steak, he hadn't eaten all day, stopped chewing and looked at me, cocked his head....

"What'd ya say that for?"  He wasn't angry, he was confused. 

Happily, blissfully unaware, and confused.

James!  You didn't get up and run out!!! You didn't freak on me!!!! The last time I tried to talk to him about these two triggering words he covered his hands over his ears and screamed at me.

This time was merely a "wha?"

SO what did I do?  I had to call my bff right there at the table and tell her it fucking worked.

So I told her while we ate, and apparently I said the words a few more times....totally aware of what I was doing, I hung up the phone.

James, do you realize I just said it three times more?

And he said, No, you said it four times.  And there we sat.  Completely okay with it.

This is huge.  This is HUGE!!!!!!!  I don't know if this will last, but I do know this.  My husband would do it again.

And so would I.

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  1. I am in awe at this and would like to learn more about this treatment. This brought a tear of hope to my eye.