Thursday, January 19, 2012

PTSD INjection Daily Update

So its now almost 48 hours post injection, and its still working.   I let my husband handle all 3 kids this morning, our baby is ill too boot.....and I didn't hear ANY yelling.  I even heard my 7 year old shut the door a little too hard (which is a no no in our house) and I braced myself under the covers for the "GODDAMIT SIMON!!!!" 


I jumped out of bed.  James was fine.

He is still fine. 

This is incredible.  He slept well last night.  He did not have any nightmares, and he did not take his prazosin for dreams.  That is a feat in itself.

I do have to call his primary today at the va and fill him in.  I don't want to leave him out of the loop, plus, I don't ever ever ever recommend someone stopping medications with out a doctors blessing.  My husband in this case chose to do that, and I'm watching him like a hawk.

I did call his telehealth coordinator last night at 10 pm and gave him a 3 minute this is what the shot is, this is what is is doing, and holy crap this is amazing.  I assume I'll be hearing from him in about a half an hour.

In all my excitement I forgot to post information for the clinic and doctor.  The doctor said if  you have ANY questions, please call!!!! Right now he is also looking for Illinois veterans, males, between the ages of 18-55.  It doesnn't matter if you got PTSD from war, or a car accident, as long as you are a veteran with PTSD, then you may qualify for his study going on.  Its just a thought.    I like this website better.....     This is another website.....

His name is Dr. Lipov.  Pronounced Lip-ov.  To get your personal questions answered call this number             (847) 608-6620     

Anyways, the cost of the shot I do believe, though not sure, but I'm guessing, is NOT covered by tricare.  I dont' have tricare or medicare, we have BCBS and that does NOT cover it either.  It is about one thousand for the shot last I checked. 

Good luck on your own journey to peace people, and keep us updated on your journey! 

My usual disclaimer: 

I do not represent the VA.  I do not represent Dr. Lipov.  No one is being compensated financially for this information, favorable or not.  This is our own personal experience, and we want to share the journey with you.  I do not represent the sole opinion of Family of a Vet, INC.  Sometimes even they disagree with how I feel.....but they are being kind to host my posts.  For more information, you can check out   my own personal blog. 

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