Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Momism: A Little Faith

 Yesterday, my husband and I went to a church for the first time at the invitation of a good friend.  Everyone was nice and we decided to go to a life group for adults our age.  As they took prayer requests, I requested one for my son who has a TBI and PTSD.  I really believed I was just sitting there calmly but the leader said he could see a mother's anguish.  I was so touched that they truly recognized a mother's prayer request when so many act like there is no wound if it can't be seen on the outside. 

I also wrote a letter to someone this week who had stated he was sick of hearing about veterans' needs.  Seems he has walked all his life and never served and was tired of hearing about veterans.  I was polite and told him that he definitely had the right to complain because he lives in a free country.  Then I told him about this practically perfect young man who went to war after 9/11 and came home behaving differently.  Yes, he chose to go and defend the country and family he loved.  Now I choose to defend him because he has a TBI, PTSD and epilepsy.  He had none of this when he left American soil. 

Sometimes I feel alone in my defense just as I'm sure many of you do at times.  It just takes a little faith.  I have walked through my house like a child having a temper tantrum yelling to the One I believe in above that it isn't fair.  And like the parent in me, God lets me get it out and then I feel comforted by the fact that I am not alone, He is with me and with all of us.

I have felt a calling to help veterans and their families.  I have been a little hesitant because my son needs me.  Yesterday, I finally got the message: by helping others, I will be helping my son. 

Some of our loved ones who came home from combat have succumbed to suicide, hurt others and have taken off, not being heard from again.  Some do stay close to home or family and we experience their mood swings and erratic behavior.  I believe that ALL of our veterans with PTSD and brain injuries are part of that group God is looking over. 

We all have days when we wonder how we will make it through the stress of PTSD.  As I have come to learn, a little faith truly goes a long way.  If you are in that place where you feel so alone and stressed out, please join Family of a Vet.  We are walking the same journey you are and we are here to help you and ourselves and our beloved veterans get through it.  Let's do it together.  

Submitted By: Monica Newton

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