Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Momism: A Letter to Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam,

How are you?  It's been awhile since I wrote but family still needs to stick together, especially in hard times.  I've heard things are pretty rough for you right now, being the government and all.  I almost didn't write this but you didn't raise me to be that way.

Uncle Sam, I was honored to go to war for you and the rest of our family.  Our name, America, is one I am proud to have.  Sure, we have our problems and in all honesty, I don't understand the cold shoulder I have gotten since coming home but I want you to know that if you needed me, I would rise up and defend you again today.

All families have problems, Uncle Sam, and I understand this.  I do need to say I'm not quite sure why the problems of combat are pushed aside but I am trying to trust the uncle I was always taught to respect.  I'm an adult, though, not a child, and I have to admit I see things that puzzle me.

Our children are told not to pledge allegiance to your flag or bring God into things, yet you allow a church to celebrate the death of my comrades? 

My mother gets upset and goes Mama on people when they put me down because, even though she wasn't in a war zone, she sees how it changed me.  Her favorite expression when she deals with people who aren't “perfect” and like to indulge in things they shouldn't is “He has a brain injury from war, what's your excuse?” 

Okay, even now, Uncle Sam, honesty has to prevail.  I'm the Mama.  I started this letter as if it were from a veteran but it isn't.  It's from the mom of one of your descendants, a young man who left for war at the age of 19.  He went for me, his brother and sister, and for you.  He was raised that family is family and worth fighting for. 

Just as he fought for you, I will continue my fight for him, even on, ESPECIALLY on, his bad days.  No, his brain injury isn't an excuse.  It's a fact. 

You wear your uniform even today, Uncle Sam.  I see it in all your pictures.  Try to remember those who are wearing it or have worn it in the past.  The irony is, most of those making decisions that affect us have never faced what our troops and veterans have.  Truth is, I'm not sure they could handle it. 

I'm going to end this letter now, Uncle Sam.  I really do hope you are doing better than what I'm hearing in the news.  We should get together some time and have coffee and catch up.  Maybe if you spent time with family, you would be reminded of who you really are.  

Have a wonderful day, week, month and year.  Oh, and Uncle Sam?  If you ever need to talk or just say hi, I'm here.   We all are. 

A Veteran's Mom

Submitted by Monica Newton

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