Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Love Letter Campaign: You Are My Reason For Love


Sometimes life gets hard and we forget why we love each other and why we always kept on through all the struggles but love is what bonded us together. Five years in the army and 10 years of marriage says something about our commitment to eachother. But love is not just a feeling it is an action. Sometimes those actions were hard to.prove during all the ups and downs. Even between all the troubles I love you because even though your mind may have changed your heart did not. Your courage stayed strong and you continued to try to push forward. I live you because even in those times when you did not want to spend time together or go out in public you did anyway because you were not only the soldier that sacrificed for your country you were the husband that sacrificed for your family. I live you because deep down you were still the man I married even though you couldn't always see it on the surface. Noone else may have been able too see who you really were but I did. It has taken me.some time to realize that but I  have. It has almost been 5 months since you lost your battle with PTSD I love you more today than I did 10 years ago, even though I can't touch your face I can see your face and feel you in My mind and heart everyday. Your all around me. You gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country and your family. You may not have sacrificed your life in the war in Iraq but the war followed you home and you fought ever y single day and for that I still love you. Sgt. Chad Eppinette 3rd Infantry Division combat engineer.

Widow to my veteran
This blog post is part of The Love Letter Campaign... a project started by to encourage those who love a hero to write a letter sharing their story (where they started, what they've faced together, and why their love endures). It's not just for spouses, but also for parents, siblings, caregivers, and friends. It's about telling the "rest" of our stories... stories that continue despite PTSD, TBI, and the challenges of life after combat. To share your love letter or find out more about the campaign, visit

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