Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Love Letter Campaign: A Man Lost


As you left yet again to return to the VA hospital, leaving me alone with our children, I came to understand many things, you will never again be the man that I fell in love with, the father you once were, but you will survive this battle inside yourself.

For this first time in a long time I saw glipses of the man I fell in love with, while it is hard on the kids to see you leave yet again they also have pride in you for facing your demons head on. I pray everyday that this time the VA is able to help you, that this time will bring about a change in you that you will never again try and hurt yourself, that you will remember that we will always love you. I can not walk beside you down this path any longer, it has proven to hard for me and for our children. I want you to remember that although we are not by your side everyday we are your biggest fans chearing you every step of the way, we are not turning our backs on you as so many have done we are instead chosing to walk a differant path. The hypervigalance, anxiety, fighting, sleepless nights, and addictions have worn us all down, and changed us all but thru it all we have always loved you.

I need you to never give up, never back down, always push yourself face those demons head on and fight them tooth and nail, stay strong and surround yourself with those who want to help you. I will always be your best friend and your biggest fan, you amaze me so much in your will to survive and beat this, every time it knocks you down you get up kicking and fighting so please let this be the last time that it knocks you down, you are up so keep fighting never give up and find joy in your life find a reason to keep fighting if not for us then for yourself and remember that I will always love you!


This blog post is part of The Love Letter Campaign... a project started by to encourage those who love a hero to write a letter sharing their story (where they started, what they've faced together, and why their love endures). It's not just for spouses, but also for parents, siblings, caregivers, and friends. It's about telling the "rest" of our stories... stories that continue despite PTSD, TBI, and the challenges of life after combat. To share your love letter or find out more about the campaign, visit

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  1. This letter really touched my heart! I have been through so many of the same feelings.