Saturday, December 17, 2011

Looming Sadness

There's this sad place that's sort of looming in me.
There are days when I can ignore.
Others when I have to just give in.
Why is it there? Why can't I shake it?

There are days when life is decent.
There are days when it's not.
There are times when I wonder how to fight it back.
Why won't it go away? Why won't it just stop?

I sort of float through much of my life.
Trying to be connected, but decidedly not.
I wonder if people know how little I care, but how much I want to.
Is my secret hidden? Or can everyone see this place in me?

So, there still remain those uncomfortable questions.
The incessant wondering I try my best to ignore.
How do I keep at this?
How long can I keep going?
Is there a light at the end?
How did we get here?
How did life become this raw?
Do I still fit here? Anywhere?
Why won't this sadness just go away?

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