Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Love Letter Campaign: I love you

I heard  your stories of a time long ago.  I love you and I care.  I always liked how you seemed so patient with the civilians.  I don't know if I could have been as brave as  you were. Even if I didn't understand you I always loved you.  When I was only four I experienced a traumatic event.  I do understand pain and I love you through it.  You are my hero for being there.  Just for being there for us you are my hero. I am sorry you have lung cancer and I wish I could be there for you more. My heart goes out to you and I do understand you.  Now I see you for who you really are. I love you grandpa and someday I hope to see you again. Sometimes you seem so far away but you are always here in my heart.  Despite the distance between us I will always love my Grandpa. You inspire me to be strong and to do my art.  I love taking pictures of beautiful sunshine when it hits the tree leaves.  I appreciate life more because of the love you gave.  Thank you for being strong for us.  The family loves you and we really do care.

With Love,
The Granddaughter of a Veteran


  1. Such a sweet letter from the heart, through the eyes of a Granddaughter. I love it!

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  3. This is my letter and it might not be perfect but I love my grandfather. When I was four I woke up during a throat surgery and I remember the entire event like it was yesterday. I was there at the funeral when my Grandfather lost one of his children (my Aunt). I sat next to him and he held my hand trying not to cry. I was there at the funeral when her husband died of heart failure. I am dedicating books to my Grandfather and my Aunt for helping me in my life.