Monday, October 17, 2011

Watching Over My Soldier

Silently watching as you sleep.
Memories disturbing your rest.
Seeing again the untold horrors,
To which only you can attest.

Rubbing your hair as you dream,
Wishing there was more I could do
To help you forget those sights,
Those demons that still haunt you.

Blood and dismay,
Friends and brother-in-arms forever lost.
Only a soldier can really understand
What war truly costs.

I listen as you cry out in the night
For the friends that never made it home.
I watch you struggle day after day
With the knowledge you made it back alone.

A Soldier carries so many scars upon their heart
That the world will never see.
You try your best to conceal them
But you cannot hide them from me.

I soothe you as you sleep
Unable to fully comprehend
The visions that play through your mind
Over and over, again and again.

No civilian can understand
The pain and horrors our soldiers endure,
But never for a second think
That their scars vanish when they come home from war.

While they may look healed on the outside
They have many wounds yet you can't see.
Show them the respect they deserve
They are the reason you still live free!

For us they shed their blood
And left their families behind.
Some never to come home
Only a memory in their loved ones' mind.

Thank you, you brave Americans,
Who had the courage to fight.
And know those of us you come home to
Will now watch over you through the night.
 Submitted by one of our amazing Grassroot Volunteers, Justina Carrillo 

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