Friday, September 9, 2011

Reflections of 9/11

September 11th, 2001

Clear as a bell. I get up, eat a cereal breakfast, grab my fishing tackle and head for the stream next to my house. Same thing I have done morning after morning for years. Daybreak, sky is clear and so is the water. Very still, not even a ripple. The fish spook easily when the water is this clear and still. Fish for a while trying different techniques to get a bite, but no takers.

Boring when there are no fish biting.

Head home, put up the tackle, walk in the house, Sue says, "Oh My God Doug someone just crashed a plane into one of the twin towers in New York City."

She is watching it on Fox News.

They show the pictures over and over. At first we and everyone else seems to think this is an awful accident, and just as I am settling down to watch another plane crashes into the other tower.
Horror is the only way to describe the feelings. Unbelief, sudden awareness that this isn’t an accident: But what then if not an accident?

Intentionally crashing what now appear to have been airliners into the World Trade Center!

Oh God! The people in those floors must be dead. The fire now raging from several floors in each tower. How dear God can this be? This is New York City! How? Why would someone do this? Confusion, fear grip Both Sue and I as we watch the images over and over. I must not let Sue see my fear. Why, dear Gods Why! People now appear to be falling or jumping from the towers. Could they be jumping to a certain death to be spared burning to death? Horror! They report another plane inbound for Washington DC. Oh MY God! The White House or the Capital. Now the reports of other planes. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!! Oh God how can this be? Reports are pouring in fast and confusing. How many planes? Where are they? Could they be coming here, to Our town? What should I do? Should I get the Guns out? No, they will not help from this kind of attack.

Who the Hell are these people? Chinese? Russians? TERRORISTS?
That is it! Terrorists! They hit the towers before.

More reports of more planes. Our son and His fiancĂ© come in from school. Wendy is crying. I’m fighting back tears and fear at the same time. My fight or flight response is going off the chart. How do I defend my family from this? Will they come here? Matt, get the Guns. We will, defend ourselves if needed. Wendy now is near hysterical. Comfort the family, Fighting back tears myself.

The Pentagon is hit! Now terror becomes even more real as the attacks become more widespread. News of more planes one over Ohio. Oh MY God they are coming here!
We are away from Columbus, away from any strategic targets. OK, We will be OK!
People being pulled from the pentagon terribly burned, the Pentagon is being evacuated. People running everywhere not knowing where it is safe. Now word that there may be another plane headed to the Pentagon, The people are running now, near panic from the Building.

The tower is collapsing !The tower is collapsing! Oh MY Dear God!! Those people! How many escaped? People running everywhere covered with dust. paper blowing everywhere.
OH MY GOD! Thousands of people in that building! How many got out? I cannot describe my feelings. Everyone watching must be feeling them as well.

The second tower is collapsing! OH NO! Oh how? Why? What kind of people would intentionally attack a non military totally civilian building? The news reports say 50,000 people work in those buildings. As fear, confusion, terror, sorrow wash over me and my family a new emotion is raising up in me. ANGER, RAGE, REVENGE. WE ARE AT WAR! The realization is overwhelming.

OK we can do this! We must avenge this atrocity! We will hunt these Bastards down to the ends of the earth! This will not stand without retribution!

My daughter in California calls. She just got up and saw it on TV. She is crying Sue and Wendy are crying. I have never experienced such Rage, sorrow, fear, anger, all at once. Even in the War, I didn’t feel all these things together a so strong. How do I control my emotions and steer this family through the next days and weeks that are inevitable.  I must be strong.


Submitted by Doug Kirk

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