Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Air Force and Navy Veteran

I was active duty, stationed at the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center at Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO on 9/11.  We had just finished PT in the gym and the guys were going to run around the building and I was going to walk on the treadmill in the weight room but thought I would go check the messages in the office first.  I heard it on the radio and then we all went into the Crew's Lounge to watch the news...I had just gotten stationed here when the Cole was attacked but this was so surreal!!  Soon after that, the base was put on alert and only essential personnel had to stay... I did not know what to do!! my kids were in school and I did not know if I should go get them, if they were going to shut school down for the day... they didn't, so I went home and cleaned house, what I do when I am upset, and 'tried' to watch my 'soaps'...the news kept coming on... I picked up the kids and then my (now ex) husband came home and wanted to watch the news... I was on overload at that point and did not want my kids inundated with it all...

I remember seeing the first plane in the sky while driving down the 2 mile road to the Reserve Center... I thought to myself 'I hope that is SUPPOSED to be there...' the base was on high alert for a long time...we
had random car searches, could not wear our uniforms off base, etc... 

I had went to training, just the day before, for the 
Adam's County Probation Department to volunteer... I was going to Metro State College of Denver for Criminal Justice and wanted to work with Probation or Parole...
it got to be too much with duty and classes and my kids and eventually had to resign from volunteering, it was hard, but the Navy had to come first...

It was a life-altering event for the entire country, the entire world, really...I can't believe it has been 10 years!! so much has changed!! I have been divorced, married again, had a kid, got divorced, got married and
divorced... again... but the country and the entire world had been through a lot, too...hopefully we can start healing and just pray for our troops all over the world and stateside!!

Submitted by Tammy Harden-Morris,
                                                          USAFR and USNR(TAR) 

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