Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remember When

Remember when you held my hand, fully present, my infantryman.

Remember driving in the car, the wind in our hair, you and I laughing so hard.

Remember the nights we spent planning and dreaming, giggling and cuddling our joy was bubbling.

Remember how grand we dreamed our future would be, our little family, you and me and then she made three.

Remember the light in your eyes, your smile, your glow, why oh why did it all have to go.

You, we, did nothing wrong, you were brave and I was too, serving our country, thats what military families do.

They say we are lucky, you came home-this is true but the man that came home isn't you.

They don't know what we go through, every day I grieve the loss of you.

Thanks to you our country is free, there are so few thank yous for the service that was done by the man who used to be.

They think your war is done but it has only just begun.

I try not to remember when, it hurts too much, I so miss my best friend.

Every now and then he visits me and for awhile we are again a family of three but then he is gone, leaving a void and again my world is destroyed.

I miss you, I miss what we used to be but what I miss the most was when our life was full of hope.

It does no good to remember when because that, I'm afraid, will never be again.

Jenny Conlon


  1. Found your blog here, too, Jenny. I'll follow -- to try to understand. Praying for you.

  2. You were my first blog friend. Mary