Thursday, August 4, 2011

FOV Talk Radio - What's Happening!

FOV Talk Radio has been rockin' the air waves this month and we're ecstatic to have a WIDE variety of shows on archive that might just tickle your fancy!

Our NEW Archived shows include valuable information about:

VA Caregiver Program - What You Need to Know
This show is a wonderful roundtable with 2 Caregiver Support Specialists from the VA Caregiver Program helping us learn how to navigate the new program and learn about eligibility and so much more. This has been a TOP hit for FOV Talk Radio and is WELL worth a listen!!!

Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs, Inc.

Talking with Carol from Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs, Inc. was such a delight as we discussed medical service dogs, especially those for PTSD and TBI. Then it was onto a discourse for Brannan about how to help her family learn to adapt for their new service dog Shiloh.

PTSD and Faith: The Tie that Binds
Doug Kirk was announced live on FOV Talk Radio as FOV's Official Chaplain at the end of this show. We discussed our own journeys through PTSD and how faith directly impacted our choices and decisions as well as how it can be one of the keys to unlocking PTSD survival.

Scott Lee has also been VERY busy with the Veteran's Edition. Since we last posted his new shows have included:

Veteran's Edition: The Anatomy of a Flashback
Vet Ed: Executive Coaching for Combat Vet Leaders

Upcoming shows will be a Back to School Special next week featuring FOV's new School Packet designed to help veteran families educate the educators that teach their children by being proactive to prevent future problems. The next week we will be featuring Mobile Stress Relief Unit in PTSD and Massage: The Touch that Heals. Tune in live Tuesday evenings at 7:30 Eastern to get in on the action and get your questions answered on the air!

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