Friday, July 15, 2011

FOV Talk Radio - Taking Education to the Air Waves!

Family of a Vet is now bringing the world FOV Talk Radio!!! We're excited to announce that in just 3 weeks we've reached over 250 families!

Our archived episodes that are available for listening online and download are:

Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds Rally - a celebration of National PTSD Day as well as a heart to heart with the rally's founder, Thomas Mahaney of Honor for All.

Veterans Yoga, Military Mission, HUN, and Scott Lee - a lively interview with Judy from Connected Warriors, a free yoga program for veterans as well as Beth from Military Missions, Military Martha from the Homefront United Network, and Scott Lee, the Combat PTSD Blogger!

Special Edition: Fourth of July - Coping Strategies for You! - Brannan and Heather were there to answer your questions that came in live from email, Facebook, callers, and chat! Help for getting through one of the most challenging times of the year straight from the common sense authors you've come to trust from Family of a Vet!

Clayton Stress and Eye Movement Memory Processing - Straight talk with Jeff from Clayton Stress about how Eye Movement Memory Processing works and the benefits it can have for your PTSD/TBI veteran! This episode includes a special deal announced at the end for Family of a Vet Fans!!!

Military Missions and PTSD Veteran Parents - FOV gets tons of requests on information for PTSD family members, especially the parents of PTSD veterans. Beth Pennington from Military Missions joins us to talk about her fight for her son's care as well as her inspiration for her unique and inspiring efforts.

ALSO we're thrilled to announce Scott Lee, the Combat PTSD Blogger has joined forces with FOV to create VOW Talk Radio - Veteran's Edition!

Scott's shows have included:

Veteran's Edition - Premiere! - Straight talk about PTSD and how blogging and social media have forced improvements in the system featuring Scott Lee and Brannan!

Veteran's Edition - Pinups 4 Patriots - Scott is joined by Kalen Arreola of Pinups 4 Patriots who shares her story and her innovative way to help veteran based businesses.

Caregiver and MilBlogger: Uncle Sam's Mistress - Scott is joined by Uncle Sam's Mistress for a frank and lively discussion of life with a PTSD veteran and how blogging is helping to change the dynamic of PTSD awareness and treatment.

Next week both shows will be available Live!!! Stay tuned for us to announce exciting shows in the future featuring real solutions and answers to those special issues that confront veteran families!

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