Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caregiver Support Home Visit

I have to say I was stressed about the home visit, I was worried about being judged, I was worried about my husband's condition being judged. I think many of us who have spouses with "invisible" injuries such as TBI and PTSD have spent so long defending our spouse to people who don't understand these injuries that we are just always on the defensive and always feeling that we have to justify things. Even though I knew that the nurses were coming from the VA I was still worried that they would take one look at my husband and tell me he was fine and I was nuts. After all, thats how many people have treated us in the past, I'm sure you can relate. They just can't understand something that they cannot see...but thats another post. Anyway when the nurses got here they sat down in the living room with us and discussed the things I do for my husband, his challenges-basically the same sort of questions that were asked when I got the first phone call. They made it clear that they were not assessing my husband's condition which put me at ease. They also asked me how I was feeling as a caregiver, was I feeling tense around him? Did I have any time to myself? Did I feel able to take care of my husband...

After the questions were done I showed them around the house, showed them the problem areas for my husband which are the stairs, the shower, the bed and the toilet (getting up off of the toilet due to his back injury) I also went over the trouble he has dressing. They talked over different options such as shower chairs, support bars for the toilet, a stair chair for the stairs and items that can help him to dress himself. They are putting in a recommendation for those things and we will see if they will be provided to us or not.

All in all the home visit was as painless as the rest of the process and in fact it was comforting to have someone in my home to see what else I could do to help my husband, it was reassuring to have other people on my team and looking out for my husband's best interest.

As always, if you have specific questions about my experience I am more than happy to try to answer them.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Our home visit is scheduled in a little over a week and I've been having many of the same concerns. It's always scary to be one of the first to go through a "new" process!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. Our home visit is scheduled for Thursday and I wasn't sure how in depth the process was and exactly all that it entailed. Again thanks for sharing.

  3. Home visit is integral to maintain the health situation. This depends on the priorities as well.

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