Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Veteran Wives Who Are Raising Our Next Generation

To all of you who care for our nation's mentally and physically injured veteran's while also raising sweet children, I want to say, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Motherhood by itself is a challenge, complete with uncertainties and trials that no human being can ever quite master.  But those who nurture young hearts while shielding their minds from the turmoil created by PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury), and other combat injuries, face a task that is often daunting and too often completely overwhelming.

So to you, dear women, I say thank you.  Thank you for the hours you spend caring for our next generation.  Thank you for the days you begin, after spending all night with a hero who is tormented by nightmares, with too little sleep... yet still manage to provide care and kindness to the little ones in your care.  Thank you for all of the times... far too many times... that you serve as a single parent, acting as both mother and father.  Thank you for your dedication, for your sacrifice, and for your bravery.

Yours is not an easy life... but it is a life that will at some point in the future be understood by the children you now raise as one which should be honored... as an act of defiance against all odds... as a testimony of your love and devotion to those whom you love.

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  
~Author Unknown

Brannan Vines
Proud wife of an OIF Veteran
Founder of - an organization dedicated to helping heroes and their loved ones survive and thrive after combat with real world info about PTSD, TBI, and more!

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