Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trying to Understand

We received this story from one of our readers, Vienus Claxton and are glad to share it with everyone. Many of us have been faced with the changes that our spouses or loved ones present us with within time of returning from their deployments. Thank you Vienus for allowing us to share your story!

I met and married a hero! When I met Jimi he had been home from Iraq for about a year. I was proud to say my husband had served as an MP for our country. However, I thought his battle was over. This story is a bit strange because every man in my entire family had served in a war. I have never seen the effects of war with my dad (he was in Korea) and I lived with him my whole life. Only my Uncle (Vietnam) had flash backs and problems. So, I always thought most people came back from war and were fine. 

When we started dating he seemed fine. He had trouble sleepig and a few nightmares, but as far as I could see that was it. Fast forward 7 yrs and he is in pieces. I am having to learn more about this so I can learn to see why he is the way he is. Most days he is doing good to be civil and happy. I don't know where he has been or what he has seen, so of course I don't understand. It makes it so hard on a family.

When you do not live with a solider or a vet NO ONE really understands. Most American's are clueless, I know I was until now. When someone does not acutally have a solider in their everyday life; they forget there is a war going on (or at least I did). I think what I have learned is that the war truly begins when these men and women come home....

~ Vienus Claxton

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