Friday, April 8, 2011

Paying Our Troops is a "Distraction"... Gee, Thanks Mr. President.

*Please note the following is personal opinion. Some will agree, others will not. And that's okay. After all, my right to speak up is part of what my husband fought for, right? This is not an "official" comment.*

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As I have for the past two weeks, I woke up this morning and checked the news for updates on the government shutdown and what will happen to military pay. What I found has me BOILING mad.

Basically what the stories boil down to is games (no huge surprise)... but with the added bonus of one side offering a possible, one-week temporary solution that would have ensured military pay through September 30th, getting that solution past the House of Representatives yesterday, only to have it crushed in the Senate.

Now, granted, this sounds like usual politics... one side tried to add somethings... the other side pouted... blah, blah, blah. But here is what President Obama had to say about this measure (which again would have FINALLY given our troops and families a reason not to worry)...
"'If presented with this bill, the president will veto it,' the White House said in an official statement of policy objecting to the House’s offer. The White House said it was 'a distraction from the real work' on reaching a broader agreement."
Now, I know there will be some who say I'm being petty (not many, I hope), but HOW DARE anyone call a measure that will set the hearts and minds of soldiers serving, right this moment, in harms way at ease a "distraction."

NO MR. PRESIDENT - A distraction is what you and your colleagues are doing to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines currently getting shot at and blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan. A distraction is what you are causing military wives around the globe, who are already doing their best to hold their homes and communities together in increasingly difficult circumstances.

If you have another solution, by all means let's see it. But let me explain to you (Republicans and Democrats) how a true, fast solution for our military should work. Heck, just to make sure you'll get it, I'll put it in terms my five-year-old could understand:
Not paying our heroes is bad. Before we have fun and start playing games we have to do our jobs. Write a bill that says, "Our troops, that we love and want to take care of, will be paid." Period. Nothing else added.
But, don't call our military heroes a distraction and leave them and their families worried about their next paycheck, while you collect your normal $30,000+ this month and even your lowest paid Senate colleague collects $14,500. I can't believe you said that.


  1. Yeah, a bad choice of words on the President's part. BUT, it's the Republicans who are making it about the troops. They're putting the President in the position where he has to accept cuts to important social programs in order to keep paying our troops.

  2. Agreed completely on the first point, and pretty much on the second. I think they all (democrats & republicans) are equally responsible for this screw up. They should have passed legislation weeks ago - with no add-ons - that made sure our troops were paid.