Friday, February 25, 2011

Veterans... homelessness... finding hope

I was reading this article (now posted in our news blog) earlier today about some steps being made in Providence, Rhode Island to help homeless veterans. Homelessness among our heroes is one of those topics that just gets to my heart. It makes me sad and angry. It's just unfair... and especially so because (in my humble opinion) in all starts from the moment we fail to properly educate, support, and surround a veteran and those in his or her support network in those first critical months at home. This timing... this danger zone... is no secret. Everyone, from yours truly (a lowly, veterans wife), to the (overpaid) director of the VA, and all the people in between, are fully aware that those first months set the tone. Why can't we figure it out? Instead of pouring billions of dollars in the wrong places - in places that will only need more money in a year or two - why not put it in the right place once? Come on people! This isn't brain surgery!

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