Thursday, February 24, 2011

TBI "Real World" Rehab - Got to Say I'm Sort of Excited!

I read an article on this morning (the article is now POSTED HERE on our News Blog) about a TBI Rehab facility within the Washington DC VA Medical Center. I'm so excited about it being a step (even if it's a small one) in the right direction, that I'm shouting it from the roof tops!

You can read the details in the article, but basically they've set-up a real-world "look a like" to give Veterans with TBI the opportunity to re-learn how stand on their own two feet. The program is appropriately called "Independence Way". Here's why I think this is such a good step forward...

Until recently, the VA's plan of "treatment" has been simply placing one band-aid after another on our Veterans. They give them more and more drugs... send them to "treatment" program after treatment program that doesn't really have any major long-term impact. The goal hasn't (seemed to have) been for them to start successfully functioning, only for them not to be an issue... not to be a problem.

This is a miserable way for any person (and their family!!) to live. Just existing in a drugged out stupor gets old... and sad... and eventually makes you really pissed off. Which, in turn, at some point, starts making PTSD / or the behaviorial TBI issues worse.

So, if this new step toward Independence... toward actually helping our Veterans figure out how to successfully function again is an indication of a shift in treatment philosophy (however small), I am one happy veteran's wife :)

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