Tuesday, February 22, 2011

F---, What an Arse Ache

This story we received from a Veteran's wife today is short and sweet. And, while the title had to be edited a bit, I still thought it was really important to post. It's one of those things that no doctor or clinician is going to tell you about living with someone with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), sometimes they act like they have multiple personality disorder. My hubby has literally in the span of a few hours gone from accusing me of sleeping with multiple people (who has the time or energy when you're caring for a 4 year old and a 100% disabled Vet?) to telling me I'm the most wonderful, beautiful wife in the world and he's the luckiest guy in the universe (a little bit of a stretch but nice to hear) to sitting, staring, telling me how horrible our life is together (and me thinking that I can't exactly argue with him at that exact moment). So, I guess my point is, the next time you feel like you're living with 3 or 4 people instead of just one, remember you're not alone!

I would also like to point out, that this wife (and those of us like her) should also look into Secondary PTSD (Information available by CLICKING HERE). After living a period of time under this type of strain is entirely possible for a wife, caregiver, etc., to develop the disorder.

Here's this wife's story...

I have known, learned about and married 'Legs' since 1986. God knows what I was thinking. I was 26 years old I met him. I am now 53. I have worked very hard to nurture trust, intimacy and a lifetime of trials and tribulations ("memories") for us, my children and his children and our grandchildren and I still feel like I am wanting. Just tonight, he has accused me of being a lesbian???? What is he thinking? Two weeks ago, he screamed at me that I am a loser and he is sick of me. I just scored a good contract position and he says 'I am proud of you'. I THINK I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!! HELP ME

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  1. I also feel like I am going crazy when the bad days come. I have noticed our dog really eases things around the house. Every time there is tension, I bring up the dog and he will become happy and we go back to our good times. Unfortunately today the dog triggered a bad day.

    He came home from drinking with another army buddy. I let the dog out so he would get happy and cuddle with the dog. Unfortunately she ran off to attack another dog. My vet froze and I had to go get my dog from attacking this other one. The guy looked at me like I was scum. It was such a degrading position. Then after being mean to the dog, instead of cuddling with it. He started breaking, punching and kicking a door to the new house we just bought. It's not that the door is so valuable... it just scared me so bad. I went and hid in the bathroom. Have been crying for hours while he listens to Pink Floyd and drinks. The dog has secondary PTSD ... oh this life is so tough!

    I am certainly glad we are not alone but I really wish war didn't exist. I hate war, but I love our soldiers to death.