Sunday, March 8, 2009

You Look So Good On The Outside

With TBI, most people look "normal," but are not.

When someone asks my husband a question, and it takes him a minute to try to think of words to answer with - sometimes people get impatient.

He used to be quick on his feet, able to answer questions within seconds. Now, my husband really has to think of the correct words to say.

Two days ago, he commented about hand sanitizer. Instead of the words hand sanitizer coming out of his mouth... the words sand hanitizer came out. Thank God my husband has a pretty good since of humor. Sometimes though, I can see it in his face that he is embarrassed...

I read this today on a blog about someone with TBI:

“My short term goals are just remembering to brush my teeth, take my pills, eat my breakfast. Just the simple things.”

I know my husband feels like this as do other soldiers I have talked to who have TBI.

By the time lunch comes around, my husband is often times already very tired. It takes him quite a bit of effort to get dressed in the morning, going back to remember every detail.

Did I tie my boots?

Zip my pants?

Do I have everything?

Many days, he has to repeat those questions to himself... I also ask him questions such as, do you have your cell phone? Did you take your medicine?

If you ever meet someone with TBI, remember to take your time talking to them. Do not rattle off phone numbers for them to program into their cell phones. You may have to repeat your name a few times... but, please do not get upset...

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