Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stressful Day For Wife of TBI Soldier

I found an old journal post and thought it would be fun to share. :)

Well, following directions is not easy - especially if you have TBI.

Today, my husband wanted to do our family a favor... to clean the pool. Well, he disconnected a couple of hoses - hooked up the vacuum and began to "sweep the pool" - so he thought.

Water drained everywhere. I went out to tell him that he was not doing it right. I should have just kept quite. Of course, he says.... "why haven't you cleaned the pool?"

Could it be because I've been driving all over creation?

Or, could it be because I was tired from waiting for him today... for over an hour and a half total? Sitting in the van while he went in to his unit to check in and then sitting in the van as he "ran in" to give his friend a cane he made?

Time is no longer an issue to my husband...

I made dinner, read to my youngest daughter, checked out photos with my oldest daughter... Talked to my son about his camp adventure... took my youngest daughter to the movies (which was a great highlight of the day)...


I was blamed for everything and anything that went wrong today...

On days like today, I feel my relationship with my husband is strained. Sometimes it is hard to talk to my husband as a friend. His mind sometimes seems like it's one track lately. He likes talking about subjects that he likes - such as woodcarving... or going to help with the Military Order of the Purple Heart... but, when I begin to talk - he does not seem interested and actually asks me to be quite so he can concentrate on whatever it is he wants to think about.

I'm not writing all of this to complain - as I love my husband with my heart... but, I write it to let other wives and spouses know that TBI effects others around the person who has it more often than not. It's harder some days than others... today happens to be one of the harder days.

Tomorrow is another day... my husband has a meeting with the MOPH (Military Order of the Purple Heart). He loves that, so I'm sure his day will be good tomorrow... meaning - mine will too.

I'm going to bed early, it's almost 8:30pm and I'm wiped out.

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