Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Told You...

Upon return of my husband coming home from the war, we would have this famous argument... he would ask, "why didn't you tell me we were going out with dinner with the Smiths?"

I would say, "I did... you must not have been listening..."

I would become frustrated, as I thought he was tuning me out sometimes. Come to find out, this was because of his TBI.

Useful hints to help your soldier with TBI to remember things:

  • Keep a white board on the fridge so he can go back to look at notes you write
  • Keep an organizer for your soldier (he should also try to keep one, but it could take time for him to remember to write everything down
  • Have a calendar someplace else in the house, we have one hanging on the kitchen wall
  • Keep things organized. Make sure you place things in the same place, every time. Example: our keys go on a key rack, shoes go in the same closet every time, keep your soldiers drawers organized. Socks, underware, t-shirts... if need be, label the drawers
Do you have tips you can share? Please leave a comment and let us know. :)

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